November 26, 2020

    Pak-Norwegian Expert

    November 26, 2020

    Pak-US Relationship

    November 26, 2020

    Mapping Violent Ideation


    The membership of the Association of Pakistani Physicians and Surgeons of Europe is open to all doctors, dentists, Scientists, integrated Expert’s ,allied health professionals and students in medical or allied fields of Pakistani heritage, irrespective of their place of study.


    As an active member you will:

    • Have access to the contact details of other members (subject to their consent)
    • Be entitled to special discounts on a variety of services e.g. eating out, car insurance, flights, holidays etc. when and if any discount contract is advertised by the organisation.
    • Right to vote in the election and hold an office.
    • Opportunities for social and networking, Discount towards APPS Europe annual gala dinners and other events, when and if it’s advertised by organisation.
    • Discounts towards APPS Europe medical conferences, workshops and seminar registration.
    • Basic Career advice and mentor-ship.
    • Help and support subject to organisation resources would be provided to ‘Doctors in Difficulty’.
    • Basic PLAB Guidance & European Medical Exams Guidance.
    • Basic Guidance towards clinical attachments and jobs in Hospitals.
    • Basic Help shall be provided towards writing CVs and Cover Letter.
    • Basic Guidance towards preparation for interviews.
    • Support towards organising voluntary/charitable work experience in Pakistan subject to the resources of the organisation.
    • Guidelines for innovation and new ideas in products and services to develop subject to the organisation resources.



    The active members will have a right to vote in the election and hold an office.

    • Standard Membership:
      • Doctors, dentists, Scientists, Integrated experts in senior grades of employment will pay a membership fee of €50 / Year
    • Trainee Medical Professional:
      • €30/ Year
    • Allied Health Professionals:
      • €30/ Year
    • Lifetime Membership:
      • Will be granted to those active members of the Association who pay a one off fee of €500


    Students in a medical or allied health field can also register. There is a membership fee of €25/ year. The student members may hold office on specified seats and vote for student representatives in APPS Europe.


    Doctors and students in a medical or allied health fields who reside out of the European-Continent can register as Affiliate Members. There is a membership fee of €40/ year. (All APPS U.K paid members may have Affiliate membership free of any charge or fee and have no right to vote or hold an office.)


    The Association may appoint any person as an honorary member distinguished for services or achievements in medicine or the allied sciences, or who has rendered other services of unusual and exclusive value to the Association or humanity. These members may serve on or chair committees or task forces of the Association and participate in all of its activities, but will not have the right to vote.


    Any business in services or products that shares our vision can become part of APPS Europe network

    • Silver Member:
      • Membership fee is €15/ Month
    • Gold Member:
      • Membership fee is €30 / Month
    • Platinum Member:
      • Membership fee is €50 / Month
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