Silent Loss Of Overseas Pakistani Diaspora

Pakistan as a state, a country of huge natural resources, beautiful resorts, and young work force has been and is struggling for years among community of nations at many fronts in which there have been easy and difficult times. It’s a unique land of majority with peaceful hearts, generous minds of hospitality towards foreign visitors, successful bold nation in the world to fight long war against terrorism at front line and so many intellectuals as economists, judges, doctors, lawyers, journalists and scientists contributing according to their resources and abilities. A country sustaining democracy, institutional reforms and evolution to find next stage of survival has been facing daily new challenges internally and externally, but struggle continues.

During this struggle each and every one as citizen of Pakistan has and had a role to contribute being wise or a fool, a devotee or self-serving citizen, a hardworking individual or luxurious life occupier, a national resources eater or national resources developer, a corrupt devil or an angel Abdul SattarEdhi, a protocol lover or offering his life on the border to secure the land and its people. All is visible as history to learn and now it’s crucial time to determine the direction of national progress with knowledge of operational value, while living in the present and not just past or future as many people and nations do. Since 60s, many Pakistanis migrated to other countries for education and jobs. A new start of life in a new country, under critical situations, those worked hard and looked after their families back home while transacting billions of foreign exchange. Presently, Its second and third generation of Pakistanis diaspora in millions living as parents, kids and youth, working and living in every third country and have shown great intellectual, social, political and financial muscle in their host countries.

An essential and natural desire among overseas Pakistanis is to follow the natural link with their motherland to teach their kids born in West about true Islamic tenets and good values as Proud Pakistan and Muslims (as 97 percent Pakistan’s population is Muslim).

In this article, specifically last twenty years from the span of last 70 years (since the birth of internet and social media) I attempt to fully map, by my research, and address the gains and losses of these overseas diaspora, to explore the solutions against the silent loss to seek the correction, reformation and legal compensation from Politicians, court of law and others. No doubt the overseas yearly foreign exchange transactions are in billions, from flood to Dam charity, generous hospitality of visitors as Pakistan politician to judges, officers to literary/ journalist guests but Question is, have all these contributions returned back something to Pakistan and its diaspora as reciprocal sense of responsibility taken by those Pakistan Politician, judges, journalists, officers and literary personalities.

The truth is very clear based on results, overseas Pakistanis had nothing as a reward or satisfactory return, majority of the second and third generation is victim of identity conflict, fear of holidays visit and investment in Pakistan, because of unwanted episodes running year after year therein social and other media always shows facts plus exaggerated pictures and videos of events in Pakistan. From TV news to print media; debates to talk shows the aggressive politicians behavior, the judgments above human rights, Islam and constitution, irrelevant picked issues and articles of constitution for debates, corruption to money laundering and drugs cases, all have now created unwanted cognitive transitions among second and third generation who are less interested to link, invest and visit Pakistan.

A conference of concerns should be organized in Pakistan by overseas Pakistani professional and experts to awake the nation or launch legal petition after petition in the interest of Pakistan, its diaspora and innocent public for operational correction and reformation


If we explore further, these oversea Diasporas both generations have higher level of awareness; they do appreciate present Government acknowledgment about overseas Pakistanis but, equally, are highly critical at operational level to contribute as them and their parents always wanted and desired. The examples are many episodes in Pakistan including last three, narrated as following to evaluate both sides of the picture.

1- Dherna of MoulanaFazalulRehman. Reactionary Cognition-Overseas Pakistani generations have not seen in host countries priest from church picking sticks and reciting Bible to teach democracy to Political administration and marching to capital for freedom movement. 2- The doctors/lawyers conflict in an aggressive state of violence and attack on hospital PIC to results many under heart treatment were died and health institution was damaged. Reactionary Cognition-Overseas Pakistani generations have not seen doctors reciting poetry of provocation to lawyers, and Lawyers puling respirators from heart patient and damaging private and state properties or assets to add further strikes and innocent people die. 3- The honorable judge article 66-Musharef case, to drag and hang the corpse of convicted for three days at a public place. Reactionary Cognition-Overseas Pakistani generations have not seen any judgment in which corpse of a convicted person has to be dragged, hanged for three days in a public place.

In my opinion, this silent loss is not just of the overseas Pakistani but of valuable generations living in an unsatisfied state of mind. This also a national loss of Pakistan. These generations being living in third countries with conflict identity might be now less productive for Pakistan and host country, therein diaspora can have counter thought they had always been misused because looking at the above episodes, overseas Pakistanis question who will compensate this loss, the Dhernas parties, the lawyers, doctors, judges or our old and new political administrations and politicians

Finally, overseas diaspora also Question and conclude, those who never did anything for a better change in the past in the interest of the motherland and diaspora, never let others to do, Question is, if this is our national fate or incompetence and how long “blame and claim” game will run by all, thoughwe know that among wise nations, all their national institutions are seeking a mutual contract of wisdom and understanding, to counter new national and international challenges emerged because of speedy access of information, misinformation and disinformation in this century through internet, camera of eye and social media and presently whereas its other way round in Pakistan, institutions and some politicians are seeking contracts of conflicts and surgical operation of few constitutional articles which cannot fill the empty stomach of 70 percent of innocent public who even do not have ability to understand what’s going on and How ? Month after month, year after year a minority of small groups and few individuals can hijack this beautiful land of majority of innocent peoples peace of mind, its media, peaceful religion Islam to expose this land of peace and resources as a country of fear and destruction to achieve their interests and support the narratives of third parties. Finally With great respect to all my brothers, On behalf of Overseas Pakistani Diaspora, a conference of concerns should be organized in Pakistan by overseas Pakistani professional and experts to awake the nation or launch legal petition after petition in the interest of Pakistan, its diaspora and innocent public for operational correction and reformation.

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