Discovery of most dangerous Cognitive Corona Virus

The spread of Coronavirus and thousands of victims in many countries have developed global efforts for all types of possible prevention and cures. Presently, in media and Governments desks, the virus impact on human health and economy is projected at the highest level of risks. However, there is another global virus, cognitive in its nature, who have similar effects in human cognition and can paralyse individuals, society and a nation not in the physical form but intellectually therein an individual, society or nation is under unwanted cognitive possession to develop Algorithm of hate, extremism, greed, anger, corruption, destruction, conflicts, revolt and cycles of unrest in the society therein millions can die of hunger, attacks and disease because of non-functional or weak governance.

The symptoms include irrational behaviour, extreme reactionary response, picking propagating irrelevant issues, expanding contents of misinformation disinformation with Aurat March, Azadi Dhernas with Danda, abusive language, character assassinations, damaging national and private properties, slogans of non-sense and threats, using Religious holy message to strengthen our arguments and personal interests and leaving other religious injunctions behind as they do not support our arguments and interests.

All are the signs and indicator of this imaginary cognitive corona- felt through its unwanted activity at human cognition, attitude, behavior, acts and exposures during this decade.

How CCV is developed is a cognitive process and is not a spontaneous production as other viruses originate, it’s the human mind space which has diverse functions in which diverse rational functions, emotional, motivational and prosecution or justice functions are present. All these run under a sole process to develop an algorithm to act, react, behave and expose.

If a lie is told and repeated 20 times, it shapes the mental algorithm of the listener and at some stage he will become new recipient of lie believing it’s true

The human mind until the age of 7 years continues developing its conscious level at a very high speed. These 7 years are very crucial to process development in a specific direction: to understand, take responsibility, reasoning and finally concluding in which message are entering as codes and mind decodes to response. These are the first foundations of human perceptions.

What’s important is that the messages sent to human have not just effects based on its contents but it’s the frequency of messages. That is if someone is drinking coco cola and is incessantly bombarded with its advertisement, surely his immunity against cola will be slowly damaged because his existing Algorithm (to not to drink cola which he used to have) will deviate from original algorithm. This is the basis of modern marketing of products and billion worth marketing industry survives. Equally, if a lie is told and repeated 20 times, it shapes the mental algorithm of the listener and at some stage he will become new recipient of lie believing it’s true.

Therefore, it’s important to know influence of external messages on human mind sent by third party are in multiple directions to achieve three types of main goals:

  1. Short term: to increase number of followers; to manipulate lie as truth.
  2. Medium term: to change immunity level of recipients against lies, false information, misinformation, disinformation, immunity not to investigate the information received.
  3. long term: reshaping mind functions weakening our understanding, reasoning, through distortion of rational functions in order to make it more vulnerable to false information and its acceptance.

This is the basis of 5th Hybrid war in which event/ideas distorts rational functions.

Finally, this is the CCV which is now more dangerous than its pathological competitor and every nation have to map its effects. The CCV will start living inside our brains, altering our mind-set to continue changing the Algorithms of mind-set because of not having ability and time to investigate the contents of the message received therein in X time the effected individual approach is unidirectional as directed by third party.

Now looking at the sequences of many global unwanted events in many countries and also in Pakistan for last few years, Dynamic process modelling, my exclusive expertise has revealed that human cognition as dynamic process model has given us logical answers in much more clear form for operational cure.

In this article, I have emphasised the unwanted cognitive possessions as CCV for an ordinary person’s understanding to create awareness. Imagine the same virus reaching the mind of a leader. For example existing corona virus has not killed as many people in India, as compared to Cognitive corona virus CCV in the form of PM Modi and his decision makers’ mind-set which history will write as Modi CCV. Surely this CCV will be registered with many global names and personalities in future history as humanity will move to reach to next levels of final accountability and justice.

Therefore, after analysing global national data, indicators, system dynamic through dynamic process modelling, it can be concluded that each and every government will continue to face challenges in future unless the state scientists and experts don’t introduce knowledge based methods for systematic and scientific approach to decision makers and administrations. As we are moving to speedy information access, communication through internet, camera eyes and social media and others, we humans are becoming easy prey of CCV and Governments have to take quick measures against unwanted messages with counter messaging, filtration and blockings so that the public rational functions are not distorted and neither have they become victim of CCV.

Governments have to formulate an intellectual debate with right content based on doctrine of wisdom as public and national interests at large, by projecting the vulnerabilities and consequences against open and hidden threats to public and the nation, if measures are not implemented and if still these groups with ulterior motives continue than governments must take a legal undertaking-bond as security insurance from these groups in the interest of majority of innocent public who are not able to understand the modern wars of desires, interests and ideas of diverse players . God bless us all.

Tahir Mahmood- a European scientist known for knowledge based methods to handle complex problems with dynamic process models as exclusive expertise.


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