Teaching and Training to Students

This programme help doctors and specialists in the Europe deliver lectures to medical students and doctors in Pakistan while visiting the country or via live online link.

The online lectures can be delivered from home or office with appropriate internet facilities. The audience can ask the questions live which makes it much more interactive. We have the facilities to link up with a number of medical colleges or hospitals at the same time.

APPS Europe

The APPS is an independent, educational and not for profit organisation with no political motives. It is a professional association that provides a platform for Pakistani-European doctors, dentists & allied health professionals in the Europe as well as those coming from Pakistan. It aims to protect and promote the interests of its members and raise awareness of health issues among the community. The association will use all its resources through the support of its members and in partnership with other sister organisations, to Modernise the Health System of Pakistan. It strongly believes in a lifelong learning process among healthcare professionals and would organise short-term courses, workshops and seminars for medics & the general public. Doctors from all branches of medicine, dentists, allied health professionals and students in medical or allied fields are encouraged to join!

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